Here are just a few of the top selling products we offer at Paver Supply.

Flagstone Interlocking Brick Pavers


Flagstone interlocking brick pavers come in a variety of sizes and styles to make your deck, driveway, or pool stand out from the rest. Interlocking brick pavers are comprised of many individual bricks that fit together and are joined using joint sand. This sand allows the pavers to flex as a single piece and distribute loads across all bricks. Exceptional style and quality are what set Flagstone interlocking brick pavers from the rest and are sure to make any project unique and impressive.

Seal-N-Lock Super Wet Paver Sealer


Sealers are essential for keeping your pavers and travertine clean and reducing maintenance over the life of the application. These sealers protect the pavers from absorbing anything into the porous paver material. Applying a sealant is paramount in making sure pavers last and are beautiful for years to come. This long lasting and environmentally safe urethane sealer will keep your pavers protected from moisture and other elements.

Stegmeier Deck Drain


In order to reduce pooling water on the surface of pavers, a Stegmeier deck drain is the key. The drain carries water away from the surface of the pavers and protects the deck from incurring water damage. Pedestrian areas, specifically pool decks, utilize these PVC drains to protect against water damage. Pool decks are susceptible to water damage because of the high traffic and proximity to water and therefore are a great place to employ Stegmeier deck drains. A Stegmeier deck drain will help keep your pool deck beautiful, so you and your family can have continued enjoyment without worry.